— Rebranding
The notebook as a loyal companion 
Rhodia is a well-established French manufacturer of notebooks with heritage. As their products are valued by customers for their high paper quality, their main target group is artistically knowledgable creators. A rebranding was created to attract a wider audience.
The rebranding reflects the different relationships customers might have with their notebooks: a meaningful brand name, a variable logo in three styles, and three strong brand colours. The rebrand therefore allows different target groups to feel addressed by its communication, feeling empowered to try their own first creative experiments.
The project’s design research highlighted the differences in the relationship of customers with their notebooks. The rebrand was launched to attract a new customer group  the “culturally-educated creative newbie” which is not yet familiar with Rhodia through its use in art, but would like to use it for documentation purposes, as well as first creative experiments.
Personal project

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