A co-working studio building on its strong local network

Imogen and Isaac, two Graphic Designers from Nottingham, seek to open their own creative co-working space. The space is meant to attract a divers target group of creatives that support each other and collaborate.

This playful and expressive branding addresses the local community as creative superheroes. It empowers and connects them. The design artefacts invite to interact with or about them and therefore not only reflect  but create a part of the work culture.
The target audience are creatives from various professions. The branding therefore invites the co-workers to get inspired and interact with each other. Along the journey of joining Owt & Nowt many touch points allow for a well-crafted experience. 
One example are stickers, that are created uniquely for each  co-worker upon joining the space. The sticker gives others clues about their favorite hot beverage, their open mindedness to connect, and much more.
Personal project

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